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The final TWO days- Detox with your DOC - My Why

I started this 7 day detox for a number of reasons. The initial reason was that I wanted to experience what I am recommending to my patients. I think that being able to speak about the process, what to expect and how you might feel is invaluable. 
I also wanted to do it for my own health benefit. My entire adult life I have struggled with stomach issues. Many days I feel bloated, gaseous and have abdominal discomfort. This started around the age of 17. Initially it seemed to be only associated with dairy overload. I could have cheese on my sandwiches and sour cream on my potato but if I had an ice cream sundae I knew that I was in trouble. This quickly turned into me not being able to identify why I was having issues. There was no rhyme or reason for my stomach issues. I was seen by a GI doctor that diagnosed it as irritable bowel syndrome and I was seen by an allergy specialist that discovered I had approximately 30 food allergies. one of which was lettuce. I never had your traditional food allergy symptoms, no swelling, no breathing issues, it was always gastro complaints. From age 17 to my late 20's I was extremely careful; I carried a notecard with all my allergies in my wallet. Then I started eating whatever I wanted and tried to monitor what was causing the issues. I knew that if I ate "healthy" I would feel better but still had bowel problems at unexplained times. I had just accepted this is how things were going to be. Then after my third child I started having weight issues. I could not get the weight off like I could the first two. I assumed it was that my body just had changed and it was going to take extra effort to get it off. I used the noom app. Weight watchers apps, tried the OMAD (one meal a day) diet, invested in work out apps with temporary benefit. I continued to yoyo and hit higher and higher numbers on the scale. I was beyond frustrated. 
When I continued to have trouble I started to research what could be the problem. I kept coming back to the thought it had to be associated with my stomach issues. I looked into food intolerances and the symptoms associated with it. Weight gain, irritability, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, depression, anxiety WOW I thought could this really be my problem. That is when I decided I needed to do an elimination diet. With a traditional elimination diet it is recommended to eliminate all inflammatory foods for 3 weeks or more. I had such a hard time sticking to it. I started on many occasions and never made it past a week. My downfall was always Fun Family Friday, which usually involves homemade cheese popcorn and pizza, and I would fall off my elimination diet. It would take me weeks to get back on it. 
I am so excited that I was able to keep with this for the entire 7 days. Fun Family Friday just looked a little different in our house where we focused on Family Movie night with me eating approved foods. This was a great way to jump start my exploration of which foods are causing me so many problems. I feel better after doing the detox. I have more energy, I feel less irritable with my kiddos, no bloating, my cravings for sweets are down and I feel improvement in the inflammation in my muscles and joints. 
So what is next? My plan is to continue the elimination diet aspect of this program and slowly introduce foods back into my day to day; I will use core supports or inflammacore for meal replacement nutrients in the morning with my tea to maintain my body's natural ability to detox.  The first foods that I plan to reintroduce to my diet are honey, mustard and eggs. 
Thank you for letting me share my experience with this with you and I am so excited to continue to share it with my patients that would benefit from this Liver Detox. 
Be proud of what you have accomplished in this last week. Focus on the positive steps you have made and let go of the "slip ups" you may have had. Continue to keep a positive mindset because your mindset is your driving force for success. If your mindset incorporates discipline, confidence and grace you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 
Emily Jensen PA-C

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