Day 1! Detox with your DOC!

Doctor Rogers and I started our 7 day journey with Core Restore liver detox! This week I will be posting daily to keep you updated on how our journey is going and what to expect from yours!

Toxins are something we encounter every day through our environment, lifestyle, as well as internal toxins. These toxins vary from pollution, processed foods, alcohol to life stressors. Toxins are unavoidable but giving your body the tools to be able to neutrolize and eliminate these toxins can help you feel better. 

The build up of toxins in the body may look different to every individual. It can cause you to feel bloated, constipated, weight gain, hormone inbalance, food intolerances, fatigue, lack of concentration, chronic inflammation along with many other things.  

Our liver, with close association to our GI tract, works to remove toxins from the food we eat as well as toxins produced by our metabolic processes. When our digestive tract is not functioning correcctly more of a TOXIC BURDEN is placed on our liver. 

Most toxins are fat-soluble. They are attracted to the body's fat cells causing these cells to expand. The fat cells hold the toxins to protect the rest of the body. This 7 day program helps the liver change the fat soluble toxins to water soluble so they can be removed by the kidneys and colon.

There are two main phases to removing toxins. Tomorrow I will discuss these two Phases and how Core restore facilitates detoxification safely. 

Wednesday I will discuss how this also acts as an elimination diet for foods that can cause gastric inflammation resulting in food intolerances and decrease in the bodies ability to absorb neutrients. 

Day One: 

Today was made up of three components using the core support shakes, the alpha base capsules and a suggested fast. You also want to increase your water intake!

Day one and two are about setting the ground work and giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to safely remove the toxins from the body. 

As your body starts to detox you may have negative symptoms such as headache, nausea, irritability, congestion or short term fatigue. Do not be alarmed with these symptoms. If they become severe contact us immediately. 

While you are going through the liver detox process make sure you get plenty of rest and do not over do your physical activity. 

My Day One Experience:

I have been doing intermittent fasting for some time now so I have not struggled with having the two shakes and only the vitamins in terms of feeling hungry. I have had minor side effects of the body starting to detox such as headache and Nausea. Dr. Rogers mainly experienced nausea. She states that she did not feel hungry either. 

We both chose the chocolate flavor. It tastes better than most protein powders but definently does not taste like a milkshake :) The powder can be mixed with water, almond milk or coconut milk. My first shake I did water, my second I did coconut milk and the coconut milk tasted better. I am going to pick up almond milk for tomorrow, I will keep you updated on which is the best. If you let it sit too long in the liquid it does become thick so its best to mix it and drink it quickly. 

Dr. Rogers and I waited to have out first shake at lunch time and the second at dinner. Tomorrow I plan on doing the same thing. I will start my morning with green tea since that is an approved beverage. 

Day one down six to go! 


*A large portion of the above content has been gathered from our Ortho Molecular partner 


Emily Jensen PA-C

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