Hormones and Weight loss

Losing weight can be an extremely hard and frustrating journey. The frustration can result in self blame and falling off your diet and exercise plan. Understanding how your hormones affect your weight loss help curb frustrations and allow you to make smart choices to enhance your progress. 
Three main hormones that fight against weight loss are:
Leptin is a hormone that creates a fullness feeling. Many overweight individuals have leptin resistance which causes individuals to never feel satified and this results in overeating.
Insulin is a hormone that is released in response to the glucose (sugar) in your blood. The higher the glucose the more insulin is released. People that are Insulin resistant (metabolic syndrome or type II diabetics) produce more insulin to get the cells to respond and high insulin results in weight gain. Insulin drives glucose into cells to use as energy, it facilitates extra glucose being stored in the liver and as fat. When the body has high levels of insulin it prevents the body from using fat as energy due to your body constantly being in a storage mode. 
Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases your blood sugar to be used as energy. Prolonged elevation due to chronic stress cause weight gain by increasing hunger and promote overeating as well as increasing blood/glucose and insulin resulting in fat storage. 
What can you do to help battle these hormones.
- Get plenty of sleep- Lack of sleep decreases leptin and increases cortisol 
-Take a brisk 30 minute walk - exercise can naturally decrease the glucose in your blood lowering insulin levels and can also decrease cortisol
-Avoid a high carb diet - the more carbohydrates you eat the higher your blood glucose will be driving your insulin levels up 
-Medications can be used to curb your appetite to combat leptin resistance 
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Emily Jensen PA-C 
Emily Jensen PA-C

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