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Day 5- Detox with DOC - Exercise during Detox

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the amount of physical activity that is acceptable while you are going through the core restore program. This is an individualized recommendation and will be different for everyone. The program recommends keeping your exercise light and participating in things like yoga, stretching and brisk walking. It is important to evaluate how you are feeling to gauge the intensity of your exercise. 

As I had shared in previous posts I struggled with headache and fatigue for the first 3 days. I did little to no physical activity the first 3 day. Yesterday was day 4 and I was able to return to my normal exercise routine and was able to continue today (day 5). Prior to starting this program my body was used to intermittent fasting so I was not experience a calorie deficit that affected my energy after day 3; others this shift in food and intake might be a larger shift and result in more fatigue, for those individuals I would recommend light exercise

Day 5: 

Today the core support is causing me to feel more satified which then resulted in me using it as my breakfast (1 scoop) and as my lunch (1 scoop). I feel strongly that if you are not hungry do not eat. I will make sure I have a healthy dinner that leaves me feeling satisfied. 

Dr. Rogers and I are pleased to share our weight loss from the first 4 days. We both have decreased our weight by 6 pounds. I am hoping we both will see even more of a decrease in the next few days. 

Dr. Rogers wanted me to share that she struggled with the lack of food the first 2 days. Due to fasting only being recommended and not required she chose to supplement with a small amount of food on day one and day two and she has still seen wonderful results. We are both experiencing increase in energy as well and decrease in bloating. 


Emily Jensen PA-C

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