My name is Emily Jensen and I have been a Physician Assistant for over 10 years. When I am not caring for my patients I am spending time with my husband and three children. 


I am excited to announce that I will be writing an information medical blog. I will be writing about common illnesses and disease processes, the newest medical guidelines, along with explaining different lifestyle adjustments and supplements that can improve your health and wellbeing. 


One of the many reasons I am excited to have joined Dr. Rogers is her functional medicine approach to wellness. Functional medicine is identifying the root cause of an illness and being proactive in our treatment. This may include identifying inflammatory foods in your diet, attempting to decrease stress in your day to day by meditation or yoga, or looking at nutrient deficiencies that may contribute to your symptoms. 


My medical interests include treating chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiac conditions, obesity/weight management, thyroid conditions and so much more. My goal is to create a plan with my patients that we both feel is attainable and medically appropriate. I will do everything I can to guide you to assure you succeed. 


I cannot wait to meet you!!

Emily Jensen PA-C

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